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  • To establish a temporary clinic at the nunnery.
  • Bring teams of doctors to staff the clinic.
  • Work on the new buildings we acquired to make them suitable for a permanent clinic.
  • Install solar panels for the clinic.


  • All volunteers for his project will pay their own travel costs and expenses until they get to Raktrul.
  • Any money you donate will go directly to the operation of the clinic or the build out of the new facility.
  • The Raktrul Foundation is a 501c3 not for profit and all donations are tax deductible.

2011 Mission Leader:

kirk moulton

  • Mission leader Kirk Moulton successfully led the Night Into Day Medical/Solar Mission in 2009.
  • The Raktrul Foundation is pleased to announce that the mission to Tibet in 2011 was a great success!
  • For information about how you can get involved, in the 2012 mission, please e-mail Kirk Moulton.
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helping in TibetLama Tashi Topgyal has returned from Tibet after a three month journey offering help directly to the survivors of the devastating Earthquake of April 14, 2010. >Read more about Lama Tashi Topgyal. >

Without your generous contributions his trip would not have been possible. Lama gave a brief interview after his return and forwarded many photos of his journey. We are including his comments and some of his photos in this newsletter with our heartfelt thanks.

The Earthquake of 2010

Tricycle reported: "We are very sad to report that hundreds have died and an estimated 10,000 mostly ethnic Tibetans were injured and left homeless in near-freezing temperatures in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck a sparsely populated region of Tibet in the early hours of April 14. More than 85 percent of the houses in Jiegu, a town of 100,000 people nearest the epicenter, were destroyed... Most of the people in the region are Tibetan herders and farmers who are in immediate need of shelter, medicine, clothing and other necessities."

The Raktrul Foundation was uniquely qualified to provide direct relief to those in the damaged areas, and thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, sufficient funds were provided to enable us to bring help. We are posting a few images photographed during the three month mission to the area.

helping in the rubble

As you can see, this village has been reduced to rubble. Lama Tashi Topgyal, the leader of that mission, met and comforted villagers who were carrying the last of their possessions with them. When asked about his visit, Lama reported that upon his arrival in Khyergu in May he saw people were still leaving the area.

helping amid dust and debris ruined village

Upon his arrival, all the remaining villagers were living in tents as their homes had been completely destroyed by the quake. There were some doctors, emergency workers, some medicines and clean water in that area, but all were without electricity. Those people requiring surgery were taken to Sinin.

tent city hospital visit

Construction of new homes had been promised, but had not yet begun during his three month stay. However, significant improvement, including clearing away rubble and making a restaurant and food market did occur. When asked about the welfare and state of mind of the people, Lama reported that he was able to assist by talking with those who wanted to talk about their experiences, he taught dharma to those who wanted to hear it and performed practices for those who had died when asked.

visit to hospital

Lama was able to give the money you donated directly to villagers in need and to distribute the medicines you helped purchase. Lama said that he left with the feeling that The Raktrul Foundation had really been able to do some good.

Other good news is that Shay Chay Dumra ( the school ) is still standing, as are the orphanage and the solar panels the foundation installed in 2009. Sadly while the nunnery still stands, the temporary clinic in the nunnery is gone. However, plans are now underway for the 2011 Night Into Day Mission. More news about that effort will follow soon.

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