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TASHI DORJEtashi dorji
Tibetan Liaison
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KIRK MOULTONkirk moulton
Project Director
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ILLYA SZILAKdr goes to Tibet
Medical Doctor
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don dyer
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tim blee
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Kirk Moulton is Project Director for the Medical Clinic Project. In his other life he practices acupuncture at his Healing Junction Clinic in Chicago. Through the use of Chinese herbal medicine and other alternative medical interventions, he was able to help many people on the last mission to Tibet. Kirk is looking to put together teams that will go to Tibet to help build the new clinic and offer medical services to the area around Raktrul. If you have an interest to help, in any way, please contact Kirk at acukirk@juno.com
bardor tulku rinpoche

Our Director: Venerable Bardor Tulku Rinpoche

Under the direction of Bardor Tulku Rinpoche, teams of volunteers assemble from all over the world and come together for missions to benefit villages in impoverished and remote areas of Eastern Tibet.

Our 2011 Volunteers: People from All Walks of Life.

We are doctors, nurses, carpenters, Tibetan villagers, office workers, students and everyday donors who make these missions not only possible, but sustainable.

As we are a 501c3 charity, your donations are deductible as allowed by law. With no administrative costs, your money goes directly to benefit the people we serve. Our volunteers pay all their own expenses and donate their time, talent and supplies to help improve the lives of villagers in remote areas of Eastern Tibet, many of whom have never seen a doctor.

The Raktrul Foundation Serves Villages in Eastern Tibet

we help tibetan childrenWe help students have access to a much needed school supplies, medicines, vaccines and a free education.

We help young mothers and children who are in desperate need of safe birthing kits and medical care.

help tibetan people The Raktrul Foundation helps villagers by providing solar power to generate light for clinics, schools & orphanages.

View playNight Into Day for a look at the needs of the Tibetan people we serve.

tibetan elder In, 2011 The Raktrul Foundaiton helped to bring Dr. Hannah Karlin to Tibet. With your help we purchased a mobile dental clinic. In addition to treating patients, Dr. Karlin trained local people to do cleanings and extractions, thus dramatically improving the quality of life for all the people in the greater Raktrul area.

Dr. Illya Szilak treated villagers and provided education on the importance of prevention and self care. The Foundation's efforts to build out a permanent clinic, provide a mobile dental unit will benefit as many as thirty thousand people who are currently without services.

todd koelmelSolar Power Team:

We thank Todd Koelmel of Solar Generation for his invaluable assistance in fundraising as well as providing solare power to those who have never had electricity.

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Tim Blee was on hand to provide acupuncture treatment to many, many people. This healing modality provided relief from many of the chronic conditions that occur in the harsh climate of rural Tibet.


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Thanks to all who donated to our Medical and Solar Mission to Tibet for 2011.

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The Raktrul Foundation remains commited to benefitting all of the 30,000 people in the outlying areas of the town of Nangchen.

We also hope to build a home for live in and visiting medical staff to provide people access to simple medical care.

Please review an article on Tibetan poverty for more information.

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