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We are pleased to have been able to take a Mission
to Tibet every year since 2009.

Thank you for your support.

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help tibet
Our Missions to Tibet: Each year we are pleased to assemble a differnt team, an all volunteer team who pay their own way to Tibet to help villagers in remote areas. We are very fortunate to have such a diverse and talented group of people willing to support us each and every year.

Our volunteers will offer medical and dental care, acupuncture, and bring medicines, medical and dental equipment to the people of Nangchen. We are also bringing portable solar power units to benefit nomads and householders in the area. Visit the About Us page to meet our many volunteers.

Your generous donations made our 2011 Mission a great success. As well, the 2013 and 2014 Missions were very successful. Photos an udpates are on our Facebook Page. Please visit our Donations page to see how you can help now, or in the future.

Please visit our 2010 Earthquake Mission Report. We were on the ground to help survivors of the devastating quake in April of 2010, all the while preparing to return as soon as possible.

prural poverty tibet
rural poverty in eastern tibet
Average cash income for rural Tibetan families we serve is between $182 & $640 US.

For most families, cash income comes from raising crops and working outside the home.

Most villagers do not have electric power and most all cannot afford to purchase power when available. We will help improve life in rural Tibet.

The Poverty Report

Childrens Missions.

lack of care takes a toll on the elderly
tibetan villlagers  need medical care
Almost all children are delivered at home, which was putting both mothers and infants at serious risk of permanent injury or death.

Our 2011 Mission Team was able to provide medical care, train villagers in simple medical and dental practices to help prevent infant deaths. We brought medicines, vaccines and solar power to the region.

The Night Into Day Video

View the 2009 Photo Album

solar power for the nunnery
how we help
Raktrul Foundation has just completed solar installations at the Nunnery/Clinic,the Orphanage/School, the house at Raktrul, and the Community Center.

We are very pleased to report that our 2009 Medical mission was a success. Your donations made that success possible and we look forward to your support.

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