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elder tibetans suffer from eye trouble

Medical Missions Reveal Health Care Needs of Villagers

The most common illnesses seen were lung infections, eye disorders, stomach and bowel pain as well as chronic pain due to harsh living conditions and lack of access to what we consider routine medical care. Simple wounds can become crippling events, and minor illnesses can have dire consequences due to lack of proper medication.

simple medicies needed in eastern tibetSimple Medicines Are Provided by Raktrul Foundation.

During our previous Medical Missions we were able to dispense vitamins and simple medicines including: Ibuprofen, Traumeel, Tiger Balm, Acidophilus, Pepcid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Children’s Vitamins, Fish Oil, Antibiotics, Eye Drops and Chinese Herbal Medicines. We need to continue to provide these simple, effective remedies to improve the quality of life for people in the region. These medicines are not readily available in that region.
simple wounds become crippling without medical care Patients treated in the field ranged in age from 6 months to 82 years old and included monks, nuns, lamas, nomads, and local village people. In addition to acupuncture, other treatments included vision testing/fitting of prescription glasses and sunglasses,TENS unit treatment and wound care. We were also able to offer teachings to improve diet and sanitation.

Acupuncture was provided by Kirk Moulton
During our 2009 Mission the medical team saw over 1100 patients in 11 days.90% of Tibetans people treated received acupuncture treatments. We remain very grateful to have been able to help so many. Your funding made this possible. We thank you so very much. No donation is too small.
tibetan villagers and nomads wait for medical care

The Raktrul Foundation has outlined a Five Year Plan to continue to work we started in 2009. We have reached so many goals!

Please visit our Sikkim Clinic page to see what we have been able to accomplish.

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