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We Sponsor:

 Medical Missions

 A Clinic in Sikkim

 Solar Power Stations

Dental Care Clinics

The 2015 Medical Mission Team has returned from a successful mission to Tibet.

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bardor tulku rinpoche founder
The Venerable Bardor Tulku Rinpoche established The Raktrul Foundation as a 501-c-3 non-profit organization in 2000 in Red Hook, New York, USA.

This all volunteer charity is dedicated to improving the lives of Tibetan people and the people of the Himalayas. Our projects include medical missions, solar power projects, outreaching to meet the needs of village children and assistance to the elderly. You can help.

The Raktrul Foundation teams have successfully completed annual missions to Tibet since 2009, and on August 7, 2015, yet another group of health care workers left for Tibet to provide medical care to the poor and underserved people living in the Nangchen region in eastern Tibet, high in the Himalayas. There is minimal electricity and no running water in the region we served this year.

All volunteers pay their own expenses. Your donations go directly to help the people in this remote area of Tibet as well as our new medical clinic in Sikkim. This October the Foundation needs funds to establish our new clinic in Sikkim. We have a new buidling, and want to get our clinic up and running.

Read letters of support for the activity of Bardor Tulku Rinpoche and Raktrul from His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa (in English) and His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche. The spiritual activity endorsed in these letters of reference is carried out by the members of Kunzang Palchen Ling.

sikkim clinic

Our medical focus is to help people suffering from a vast array of ailments. Our emphasis is on chronic medical conditions.

The Raktrul Foundation (501c3), has overseen and funded 6 missions to Tibet to provide health care, solar power and to meet basic needs.

We have now been offered a three story clinic from Gharwang Rinpoche, the head of Zurmang monastery; about 15 miles from the capital, Gangtok.

solar power projects for tibet
Bringing solar panels to remote villages is an ongoing priority. A single solar cell can transform lives, power batteries and lights.

Solar Panels Project Team »
View the photo album.

Future Travel Plans
View our first Five Year Plan by created by our Medical/Solar Team leader.

We have now secured a building for the full time Medical Clinic we have long hoped to build. This building is solar powered!
Tibetan children
medical missions for tibet
Many people we serve have never seen a doctor, a pharmcy, nor an aspirin. In rurual areas, chronic illnesss go untreated.

Elder Care & Eyeglasses »
The harsh Tibetan climate can cause vision problems. click to see the joy that sunglasses bring!

More Medical Missions ».

We were able to bring Dental Care to Tibetan villagers again this year - 2015.

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