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Our Director: Venerable Bardor Tulku Rinpoche

Bardor Tulku Rinpoche maintains a free school, Shay Chay Dumra, which translates to "Learning Gardens." The school house is located in Pangta Village, Nangchen, and is open from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM. As many as 55 to 60 children attend, children who otherwise would not have access to a grade school education.

Today, this school, and the one in Panta have a combined enrollment of approximately two hundred ten (210) students. There is more work to do! Tibetan children without access to an education need your help. As we are a 501c3 charity, your donations are deductible as allowed by law. With no administrative costs, your money goes directly to benefit Tibetan children and to help ensure they receive a good education.

The Village Schools Project

we help tibetan childrenOur goal is to continue to help students have access to much needed school supplies, books, study materials and a free education.

As you can see by the gallery, the children are happy, healthy! In 2011 we were able to distribute school uniforms to the students. Thank you, for your kind donations made this possible.

help tibetan children go to schoolThe Raktrul Foundation continues to return each year to support the Village Schools as best we can.The courses taught are: Tibetan language, Chinese language, social studies and math. The government dictates the curriculum.

Village Schools Need Your Help

tibetan students The school houses in Dortam and Pantah need expansion and repairs. Both schools have an immediate need for an additional classroom. Each school needs to add a new room for health care services and an office with a computer/printer and office supplies. The schools also have an ongoing need basic health supplies, school supplies and uniforms.

There is a severe need for The Raktrul Foundation to build another school to serve three remaining villages of Lingre, Puja and Davran. Dormitories will also need to be built for students as many of the families are not within daily walking distance of the school. At present, there is no transportation for students from their remote family farms.

This new school will have at least two classrooms to better accommodate simultaneous multi-grade teaching, a room for health care services, an administrative room, a dormitory for at least twenty children, school and office supplies and provisions for salaries.

School supplies, texts, desks, and chairs, and salaries for the Tibetan teachers are also requested. The Chinese government pays for the Chinese instructors, but none of the Tibetan salaries. This basic primary education is vital to the future educational opportunities of Tibet’s youth.


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The Raktrul Foundation remains committed to benefiting all of the 30,000 people in the outlying areas of the town of Nangchen.

Providing an education to children in remote areas of rural Tibet, who have no means of travel, and no money to pay for a state education is a very important project. We hope you will be a part of our mission.

Please review an article on Tibetan poverty for more information.


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