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The Raktrul Founation Team 2011 has returned from Tibet.

Welcome to an update for our 2011 Mission.The 2011 About Us page gives a good overview of the Mission team and our aspirations.

The Raktrul Foundation is very pleased to announce our 2011 Mission to Tibet was a great success. We were able to treat over 2,000 people providing a variety of heath care services. Villagers received acupuncture from team leader Kirk Moulto.

Medical exams and care from volunteer Illya Szilak, MD provided many with their first visit to a medical doctor. Dr. Szilak was able to treat villagers and was able to teach prevention techniques and self care. Items many of us take for granted, such as aspirin and antibiotics, are now on hand!

Hannah Karlin, DMD, provided dental care, and taught some monks and nuns dental treatment techniques. In addition to treating patients, Dr. Karlin will train local people to do cleanings and extractions, thus dramatically improving the quality of life for all the people in the greater Raktrul area.

Children were provided school uniforms, and sunglasses were once again dispensed to those without.

The Foundation was able to provide 55 portable solar power generators to Tibetan nomads, enabling them to have electricity, light, and the ability to charge cell phone batteries - thus to stay in touch while in remote areas. A 1000 watt solar system was installed in retreat building at Raktrul monastery, and a second 500 watt system will be installed in a new community hall that Lama Tatop is building in Lindro.

The Raktrul Foundation restored plumbing to the nunnery in Raktrul and clean drinking water is once again available there. The Foundation's efforts to build out a permanent clinic, provide a mobile dental unit will benefit as many as thirty thousand people who are currently without services.


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