raktrul foundation logo volunteers bring solar power to remote villages in eastern tibet

Raktrul Foundation in co-operation with SunEPI brought solar power to:
 The Temporary Clinic

 The Orphanage

 The Village School

 A Community Center

 The Nunnery at Raktrul

 A Buddhist Temple

 Ratkrul Monastery

Project updates

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Help Provide Solar Power to Villagers and Nomads in Tibet.

tibetan villagers learn to maintain solar systems

Solar Generation Helps Bring Clean Energy in 2011

In the summer of 2009, SunEPI led by Walt Ratterman installed the first solar panels in the Raktrul area. This year, Todd Koelmel and Jason Spiotta of Solar Generation carry on the work. We are please to report that after the debasing earthquake of 2010, the original solar panels are still in place.

solar power for Tibet2011 Solar Mission for Tibet

One key to making solar projects work and provide a sustainable source of energy, confidence, and community pride is to train those who benefit to maintain and repair the systems. Solar Generation has installed solar electric systems throughout the Hudson Valley. It remains a goal of Solar Generation to utilize their skills and resources to provide solar power to people that otherwise can not afford the luxury of clean energy.

solar power works in remote areas of the world

First Light at the Nunnery

The photo on the left was taken the night solar-powered lighting was first activated.
solar panels on buddhist temple

Solar Project Update

With supervision from the project team’s solar expert, local residents helped to build the support structure, assemble the solar panels and accessories, install the requisite wiring, and learned to operate and maintain the system. It was important to ensure that those who assemble and operate the system have an intimate knowledge of it. We returned to Tibet in 2011! . Visit the About Us page to meet our new team leader Todd Koelmel.

remote areas benefit from solar power stations

Remote Locations
Bringing electricity to remote villages makes powering a computer, a radio, and other low-power amenities possible. Cell phone batteries can be recharged.

Small personal solar power stations were provided on our 2011 mission. A great succes - Thank You!

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